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September 2021

HealthVerity announces agreement with Janssen to extend real-world data across their clinical trial portfolio

HealthVerity announces agreement with Janssen to extend real-world data across their clinical trial portfolio 150 150 Doug DeMarra

HealthVerity announces agreement with Janssen to extend real-world data across their clinical trial portfolio

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

This collaboration enables direct access to privacy-compliant data at the patient level, across the broadest network of healthcare and consumer data sources.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — (PRNewswire) — Today HealthVerity announced an agreement with Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen) to provide access to the HealthVerity IPGE platform, the largest linked real-world data ecosystem in the US, to further facilitate critical research and development activities. Prior work between HealthVerity and Janssen in data science highlights a broad set of R&D use cases, including:

  1. First-in-industry randomized control trial (RCT) to real-world data registry using data tokenization
  2. Developing real-world evidence (RWE) using external control arms (ECAs)
  3. Further optimize feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and increasing diversity and inclusion (D&I) in clinical trials with a singular goal of bringing life-saving and enhancing therapies to patients faster

“We’ve seen the need for real-time RWD to increase dramatically in the wake of COVID-19. The use of this data will continue to accelerate with the expanded focus on RWD to support research and development and regulatory decision making,” said Andrew Kress, CEO at HealthVerity. “In order to support this shift, our clients and data partners need us to help solve the challenge of how to apply this data at scale in a transformative way. The HealthVerity Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange (IPGE) platform provides access to record-level data, giving our clients the flexibility to run their own cutting-edge RWE and Data Science analytics and applications on numerous projects at once. We are pleased to collaborate with Janssen’s leading-edge R&D Data Science organization to put this capability into practice.”

The HealthVerity IPGE platform, integrated technology and RWD infrastructure – driven by identity, privacy, governance and exchange – enables organizations to connect and directly access the largest de-identified and privacy-compliant linked real-world dataset of 330 million US patients across the broadest network of data sources, including Medical and Pharmacy Claims, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Labs and Consumer data. The integrated multi-modal linkage capabilities of RWD to clinical trial patients allows the creation of longitudinal patient journeys supporting numerous use cases including Long Term Follow Up (LTFU) and Phase 4 studies.

About HealthVerity

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, and government organizations have partnered with HealthVerity to solve some of their most complicated use cases through transformative technologies and real-world data infrastructure. The HealthVerity IPGE platform, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance, and Exchange, enables the discovery of real-world data across the broadest healthcare data ecosystem, the building of more complete and accurate patient journeys and the ability to power best-in-class analytics and applications with flexibility and ease. Together with our partners, HealthVerity has built the modern way to data for the health insights economy. To learn more about the HealthVerity IPGE platform, visit


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