18 of the top 20 pharma trust HealthVerity

To continue to advance the science and offer better medicine, healthcare organizations require the most comprehensive data to power their world-class analytics. Only HealthVerity can deliver more than 75 regulatory-ready, HIPAA-compliant datasets in a single contract to power your research, regulatory submissions, post-launch expansion or quest for new indications. HealthVerity works with clients to select just the right data assets to ensure that you license exactly the real-world data you need. Backed by the nation’s largest ecosystem of healthcare and consumer data and the most accurately synchronized patient journeys, HealthVerity ensures your projects can unlock unexpected insights and yield unparalleled outcomes.

Reduce gaps in the patient journey
with open and closed claims

Leverage both open claims data from clearinghouses and closed claims data from healthcare payers for invaluable insights into the patient journey. Open claims offer a long-term view of a patient’s relationship with a physician or pharmacy, but only for those providers in available clearinghouses or pharmacy feeds. Closed claims provide an in-depth view of a patient’s healthcare journey across healthcare settings; however, it is only for the time that the patient is enrolled. While both open and closed claims data are powerful on their own, together, they can provide the most comprehensive view of the patient journey. HealthVerity has the most extensive open claims coverage from the largest U.S. clearinghouses and closed claims from over 150 healthcare payers, representing commercial, Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, we were recently selected as the first Preferred Data Partner for Inovalon, the industry’s largest primary source de-identified healthcare dataset, proving our commitment to deliver the broadest, most comprehensive RWD to reduce gaps in the patient journey.

Lab coverage that passes the test

Gain objective insights with lab data that confirms diagnosis, quantifies disease severity and is available in near real time. Only HealthVerity provides lab results from both Labcorp and Quest, along with an array of diagnostic sources for standard, esoteric, genomic and pathological labs, representing 65% of the outpatient lab market. Whether for tracking a patient’s progression or running a trigger program for early diagnosis, the HealthVerity lab data ecosystem is your ideal partner for better outcomes.

The sources you want, the names you know

Further your research with over 75 of the most novel data sources from the names you trust. Only HealthVerity offers total data provenance, enabling our clients to know the source, recency, scope and scale of all our data. We work directly with each and every source to onboard their data, ensuring that every project and regulatory submission can be fully vetted and managed with confidence.

Unlock better outcomes