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Real-world data (RWD) can yield insights that accelerate clinical research; however, the exchange of this patient data, especially from disparate sources, can be overly complex and inefficient. HealthVerity Marketplace allows you to explore the most novel RWD sources with real-time patient counts and data provider overlaps. As the industry’s first healthcare data marketplace, HealthVerity remains your best choice for the seamless exchange of transaction-level, fully interoperable, privacy-protected data to advance the science.

The top 10 benefits of HealthVerity Marketplace

Real-time insights into data feasibility

Readily find the RWD you need for your research and analytics projects with the nation’s largest healthcare data marketplace. HealthVerity Marketplace allows you to build custom cohorts based on expansive healthcare criteria, such as diagnosis, drug, procedure, lab test or biomarker. By combining data types, you can see where there is an overlap of patients in real time so you can determine what datasets best meet your specific criteria.

Calling all data

Seamlessly overlay your proprietary enterprise data across the universe of RWD in HealthVerity Marketplace, enriching your current datasets, enabling you to spot gaps in the patient journey and helping to avoid licensing of duplicative data. Your proprietary datasets are accessible and viewable only by you and designated team members.

License only what you need

Once you’ve discovered patients of interest, you can easily license only the data you need from multiple sources with a single contract and pricing that meets your budget. We handle all of the data provider contracting so you can focus on what really matters—conducting innovative research that changes lives. We deliver transaction-level, fully interoperable, research-ready data directly to the environment of your choice for immediate use, accelerating your research.


“The Marketplace platform is really intuitive and incredibly information rich, by source, type, layout and characteristics… [Other companies] are slow, overlaps take a lot of time, it’s hardly transparent as what I saw. Your workspace is instantaneous and easy to use to ideate. I would expect anyone in my shoes in data science would be much more inclined to use HealthVerity.”

– Senior Director of RWD/Analytics at a life sciences consulting firm

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