Insure the risk you actually know

Leverage our expertise in identity management and privacy-protected data exchange to study employer-specific healthcare transactions

Synchronize billions in drug rebates

Half of the top four PBMs govern key business rules that optimize billions in rebates through our state-of-the-art Smart Contracts solution

Build actuarial tables that actually predict employer risk

Mine for signal and uplift predictiveness with healthcare and mortality data on hundreds of millions of Americans

Real-world data reveals realistic
risk scores

There are a number of different factors when determining risk scores and the amount of weight you give each factor depends on your particular use case. To be able to run your own proprietary risk models, you need to be able to accurately, efficiently and compliantly synchronize your employer group’s data with real-world data (RWD), such as medical claims, pharmacy records, lab results and mortality data, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Build, train and run smarter risk scoring models

Develop competitively advantaged risk scores with an automated process that compliantly synchronizes your employer rosters with pre-selected RWD from the nation’s largest HIPAA-compliant healthcare and consumer data ecosystem and applying it directly into your workflow applications with HealthVerity Insurance Underwriting.

Simplify the increasing complexity of rebate agreements

Rebate agreements are becoming increasingly complex with large volumes of disparate data, rigorous regulations and strict timelines. Payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers need a synchronized, automated, self-service solution to manage pharmacy and medical rebate and value-based contracting that meets the needs of both sides, creating a single pathway between trading partners.

Streamline rebate contract management with one automated Smart Contracts system

Streamline the rebate contract management process from negotiation through invoicing, remittance and allocation with a single automated platform that is fully trackable, auditable and standardized and fits seamlessly into your workflows.

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