Synchronize the impact
of campaigns with
patient behavior

Pharmaceutical brand campaign measurement has historically been limited to front-end metrics, such as clicks and views, and has been isolated from the actual impact on patients’ healthcare decisions. HealthVerity Media Measurement changes the landscape by synchronizing your digital media ad and television exposure data with your choice of pharmacy and medical transactions from patients of interest, all in a privacy-protected manner. This allows for self-directed analytics right from your computer and opens your campaigns to real-time optimization.

Seamless, HIPAA-compliant media attribution

Transform disparate online and offline identities into one comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant view of patient journeys with our advanced identity resolution techniques that seamlessly associate digital and television media interactions to transaction-level patient data with robust, highly accurate, de-identified patient profiles that track behavior over time.

Dynamic audience quality measurement

Leverage custom healthcare and consumer data syndicates to
validate your unique targeting criteria, confirming patient diagnoses, procedures and therapies match campaign objectives, or build precise lookalike models.

Make mid-stream decisions that drive real-time results

Derive deeper personas on the patients that are responding the best
to your media messaging, allowing you to evolve your marketing strategy over the course of a campaign. With near real-time, self-directed analytics, you get broader reach and better ROI from your marketing spend.

Move from static marketing mix models to real-time signals


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Validating audience quality to improve campaign outcomes

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