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Refuel your research and amp up diversity

Learn how synchronizing real-world data (RWD) with advanced privacy-preserving techniques can help improve diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trials.

Synchronizing the Science℠

Learn the benefits of synchronizing each of the IPGE elements and how this synchronized solution allows you to advance the science.

The Token is Broken: Part II

Explore how synchronization can deliver superior outcomes specifically for clinical trials and registries.

The Token is Broken: Part I

While the market is buzzing about the role of patient linkage to healthcare data, we believe that tokenization is broken because of the high error rates encountered with legacy technologies.

Synchronizing diversity in clinical trials

Explore significant enhancements to the 2023 PDI, including age, gender, income, payer type and diagnosis code, all in a privacy-protected manner.

Data-Driven Trigger Programs that Accelerate Product Launch and Uptake

Learn how best-in-class trigger programs can help accelerate product uptake and improve outcomes.

Industry Insights: The secret to expediting drug approval

Explore the benefits, challenges and solutions to incorporating real-world data into randomized controlled trials.

Teaming up to fight diabetes

HealthVerity and Glooko experts will provide a comprehensive view into the complex diabetes patient journey to help advance clinical research.

Applying public health lessons to life sciences, clinical trials and registries

Learn more about linking clinical trial data with real-world data for unrealized insights into the patient journey—before, during and after the trial.

Future-proof your approach to healthcare marketing optimization

Learn more about a privacy-compliant solution that bridges disparate HIPAA-compliant datasets for closed loop media measurement, precise targeting, and real-time campaign optimization

Discover powerful insights to patient cohorts in minutes with ready-to-query lab data

Lab data holds powerful insights to enhance patient research and support clinical and business decisions, but gaining quick access to the right insights has historically been challenging.

Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM): Part I

By linking de-identified healthcare records of over 1.6 million pregnant women to their newborns, clinical researchers can now study a more comprehensive patient journey from pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond.

Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM): Part II

By linking de-identified healthcare records of over 1.6 million pregnant women to their newborns, clinical researchers can now study a more comprehensive patient journey from pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond.

Use case: Commercial Underwriting

Discover how a Commercial Underwriter was able to make decisions on whether to proceed with offering a quote or declining the opportunity based on the data

Use case: Defining relevant outcomes (VBA)

Negotiating value-based agreements that reflect the value for both parties, and ultimately the benefit patients receive
Pragmatic clinical trials

Use case: Pragmatic clinical trials

Generating real world evidence to augment clinical trial data
Synthetic control arms

Use case: Synthetic control arms

Expanding clinical trials by sourcing retrospective, real-time and prospective Real-World Data

The holistic patient journey: Fusing RWD with person-generated health data

The connection of patient-generated health data combined with RWD allows for enhanced insights into the patient journey

Unlocking patient engagement in a digital-first future for life sciences

A timely discussion about the role of real-world data in continued patient engagement across Life Sciences and Pharma

The role of RWE: Longitudinal patient insights bridging clinical and real-word data

Gain insights into how your key challenges in post-market surveillance are solved by integrating real-world data and clinical trial data
Validating audience quality

Use Case: Validating audience quality

De-identify media exposure logs, resolve cookie-based impressions and connect to persistent, patient-level identifiers
Real-time patient mastering

Use Case: Real-time patient mastering

Discover the need for interoperability among proprietary data silos with external datasets

From First Impressions to Patient Outcomes

Pairing LiveRamp digital media impressions with HealthVerity’s HIPAA-compliant healthcare and consumer data

RWE and real-time insights

Learn how biopharma and regulators are using RWD to answer questions on the pandemic’s broader impact on healthcare