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Synchronize the Science

Research and analytics needs have evolved beyond the limits of linked data, which is plagued by inaccuracies, compliance concerns and closed data ecosystems.

HealthVerity offers a comprehensive, yet flexible approach that synchronizes unparalleled Identity management with built-in Privacy compliance and Governance, providing the ability to discover and Exchange a near limitless combination of data at a record pace.

The IPGE approach in action

  • At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a top 20 pharma company raced to conduct a high-stakes clinical trial for its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Working with HealthVerity, the client was able to leverage data synchronization, allowing them to sync clinical trial patients to our unprecedented COVID Masterset that was 10x larger than data available from the U.S. government. Supported by a comprehensive longitudinal view of tens of millions of COVID patients in near real time, the pharma company was able to receive FDA approval for its vaccine in record time. Based on the positive impact on trial quality, patient diversity and speed to outcomes, the client is now adopting a data synchronization approach for future trials.

  • As part of an ongoing initiative to generate holistic, integrated evidence for drug development and FDA approval, a top 20 pharma company collaborated with HealthVerity to license the largest collection of closed payer claims, covering nearly 200 million patients, that can be utilized across a broad array of use cases. By employing advanced identity management techniques, HealthVerity is enabling the most accurate data synchronization of these real-world data sources, delivering a comprehensive view of a patient’s healthcare journey.

  • With pregnant women restricted from participating in clinical trials during the pandemic, the CDC needed a way to prospectively monitor pregnant women who received a COVID-19 vaccination or were diagnosed with the virus. By leveraging the HealthVerity Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM), a privacy-protected compendium of nearly 2 million pregnant mothers and their newborns, the CDC could explore this most vulnerable population while preserving critical data elements in a HIPAA-compliant manner. By applying a data synchronization approach, the CDC is able to better understand and study outcomes of mothers and their infants.

  • A digital therapeutics company wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of its opioid use disorder product. By partnering with HealthVerity, they were able to seamlessly, accurately and compliantly integrate their patient data with real-world data to determine those treated with the digital therapeutic for 24 weeks had a decrease in hospital visits, providing real-world evidence of its effectiveness.

Synced beats linked

Syncing enables interoperability across time and the data sources of your choice, creating a depth of data discovery only HealthVerity can offer. Explore the difference in HealthVerity Marketplace where you can visualize longitudinal patient cohorts built from an ever-expanding ecosystem of the most diverse and novel healthcare and consumer data sources. License exactly what you need with a single contract and have all of your research-ready, HIPAA-compliant data delivered to your analytics environment of choice.

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Data synchronization for better outcomes

HealthVerity offers an array of synchronized technology and data solutions that cover the breadth of your data-driven strategies.

HealthVerity Marketplace™

The nation’s largest ecosystem of healthcare and consumer data, available for license and direct delivery, including a range of pre-packaged mastersets to spur better outcomes.

HealthVerity FLOW

A suite of high-performance, cloud-based SaaS solutions, built with the IPGE approach, that simplify and synchronize the way that identity, privacy, governance and data exchange are managed.

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