More patients, more precision, less time

As therapies become increasingly complex and personalized, it is critical that physicians prescribe the right treatments to the right patients at the right time. While standard trigger programs help commercial pharmaceutical teams discover physicians of interest, these legacy approaches are challenged with long lag times and numerous false alerts. By leveraging an expansive yet proprietary combination of lab data, open clearinghouse medical claims and closed payer medical claims, HealthVerity Precision Event Alerts delivers 15% to 40% more alerts with 20% more accuracy in half the time.

Better data equals better physician interactions

Discover more physicians with patients meeting your specific criteria by leveraging the nation’s largest fully interoperable and HIPAA-compliant healthcare data ecosystem. Only HealthVerity can synchronize Quest, Labcorp and other top lab data, providing best-in-class coverage of the biomarker and diagnostics lab market. By synchronizing open and closed medical claims and this extensive lab data, HealthVerity Precision Event Alerts can provide 15% to 40% more patients.

Higher precision yields 20% more accuracy

Avoid false “new” patients by leveraging the largest closed claims data ecosystem, synchronized with the most extensive lab results and open claims coverage, to truly qualify your patients before you deploy your digital campaigns and salesforce. Legacy alerting solutions solely consider open medical claims, which only represent approximately 60% of claim activity. By synchronizing open and closed claims with lab data, HealthVerity is able to provide 20% higher accuracy rates.

Mobilize outreach efforts in half the time

Accelerate your conversion to therapy rates with a 50% faster alerting solution. With short lag times for open claims and lab data, and the option to receive daily reports, you can receive insightful alerts 10 to 16 days faster than legacy solutions.

Reach the right physicians


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HealthVerity Precision Event Alerts redefine pathways to real-time physician outreach

Announcing the release of HealthVerity Precision Event Alerts, a next-generation physician alerting solution that delivers 15% to 40% more alerts with 20% greater accuracy in half the time of legacy solutions.

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Three key elements to improve physician outreach

Our analyses found that traditional trigger programs are missing the mark. Read our blog post to learn how you can meet the challenges of today’s pharmaceutical market and optimize physician outreach by finding more patients, in the shortest time and with the greatest accuracy.