Power the next generation of advanced targeting

The life sciences industry is moving away from mass marketing to more custom and targeted approaches; however, privacy laws and regulations have made this difficult and complex. HealthVerity Audience Manager empowers your data scientists with a self-directed analytics environment that synchronizes healthcare and consumer data in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner so you can gain a deeper understanding of patient behavior and more precisely target optimal audience segments.

Open the black box

Explore the transaction-level healthcare and consumer data of your choice, conducting analyses fit for the purposes of your specific use cases and retain the detailed transactional data to utilize for future optimization of audiences. This approach enables you to learn over time and enhance your targeting, versus hoping that black box targets are aligned to your specific needs, leading to higher conversion rates and maximizing your return on advertising spend. You also have the option to integrate HealthVerity Media Measurement to better understand the impact of your targeting efforts and further optimize your campaigns in real time.

Target the right audience with the right data

Create the most precise lookalike models by accurately synchronizing multiple healthcare and consumer data sources with your proprietary data for a comprehensive view of the patient journey, including social determinants of health, more granular demographics and consumer behaviors. This empowers your brand teams to understand the many profiling attributes of patient cohorts, enabling precise targeting to the right audience, in the right channel, with the right content, at the right time.

High governance and HIPAA compliance

Begin data analysis on day one with the assurance that you are meeting the most exacting HIPAA standards, as all data from the HealthVerity ecosystem is covered under our independent, third-party expert determination. This data can then be used to perform advanced analytics using numerous self-directed tools and statistical models in a highly governed, secure environment.

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HealthVerity Audience Manager launched to power the next generation of advanced targeting for the life sciences industry

Announcing the release of HealthVerity Audience Manager, an innovative self-directed analytics environment that synchronizes healthcare, consumer and enterprise data at speed for a deeper understanding of patient behavior, enabling more precise audience targeting for awareness campaigns and support programs.