Leverage blockchain technology to aggregate and manage customer data use permissions

Seamlessly and efficiently consolidate all consumer or Healthcare Provider consents and permissions across every enterprise touchpoint to support evolving data privacy requirements.

Establish an immutable record for all customer consent transactions
Enable rapid access to permissions needed to support data services and communications delivery
Centralize compliance to address regulatory oversight across the enterprise and an ecosystem of partners

Discover the fastest and most efficient way to network your healthcare data.

Every healthcare organization is challenged to comply with expanded regulations regarding protected health information (PHI/PII) in a world of already fragmented data collection. Providers, payers, and suppliers are required to not only maintain opt in / opt out preferences when it comes to the receipt or sharing of protected information under HIPAA, but must also be prepared to immediately respond to consumer changes to these preferences. The complexity in managing customer permissions across the organization becomes even more burdensome with every new program, clinical trial or brand launched, making it nearly impossible to manage consent in an efficient or centralized manner.

HealthVerity Consent, built on blockchain technology, seamlessly integrates with pre-existing data collection points across an enterprise to consolidate permissions and act as the single source of truth for customer intent and legal compliance.