Reap the benefits of patient centricity and connectivity for Enterprise data

HealthVerity Census solves the challenging problem of linking patient data across your Enterprise in a privacy-protecting manner.

Associate a HealthVerity ID to tokenize each person to comply with federal and state privacy laws
Build a more accurate and reliable patient master across your own data
Report more accurate results across your population
Enable data exchange across your partner ecosystem, as permitted by HIPAA
Link patient data to third party sources in HealthVerity Marketplace, as permitted by HIPAA
Streamline and consolidate duplicate datasets

Discover the fastest and most efficient way to network your healthcare data.

HealthVerity Census solves the challenging problem of consolidating patient identities across Enterprise datasets and is more accurate than traditional methods for linking identifiable data. HealthVerity Census can be deployed across your Enterprise as well as among partners to create interoperability across your entire data system as well as optionality to link back to de-identified third party data from HealthVerity Marketplace.

  • Leverages our national patient master with over 300 million individuals to more efficiently build an Enterprise solution.
  • All identifiable data remains behind your firewall.
  • Software as a service model to ensure new patient additions are incorporated on an automated basis.
  • Rapidly deploy and update daily.

Healthcare companies are building better patient ecosystems

Use Case - Healthcare Services Provider

Challenge – A Fortune 500 healthcare services provider was struggling to consolidate data across its Enterprise to more accurately report to its management and to its customers. Identifiable data mastering solutions proved to be inefficient, expensive and inflexible.

Solution – Our customer rapidly deployed HealthVerity Census and was able to assign a custom HealthVerity ID to patient data across its Enterprise. Leveraging our national patient master and linkage technologies, our customer established immediate interoperability for its own data. Reporting accuracy increased dramatically and monthly operational expense dropped by more than 50%. In addition, our customer is now exploring the ability to extend its understanding of its patients by licensing third party data from HealthVerity Marketplace.