HealthVerity embarks on the next chapter in its history

HealthVerity embarks on the next chapter in its history 2400 1256 Doug DeMarra
Letter from our founders

HealthVerity embarks on the next chapter in its history

MAY 23, 2023

Today marks an historic day for HealthVerity as we launch our most ambitious effort yet to capture the imagination of our industry. As you may know, HealthVerity first disrupted the market by introducing software for identity management that was 10x more accurate than legacy alternatives. Our investments in privacy and governance technologies further led us to being the first in the industry to launch a marketplace that has now become the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem. Success has been hard fought, but customers have always appreciated our unique IPGE approach, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange as well as the strength of the data in HealthVerity Marketplace that supports their research objectives.

The market, however, never stands still and others have borrowed heavily from our marketing positioning, even introducing marketplaces of their own. While others make claims about how they can link data, we know that the token is broken and that no one can match our technological advantages in unlocking value from real-world data. HealthVerity recognizes that the time is right to move the market forward again and to establish a new standard for what it means to delight pharmaceutical, government, insurance and analytics clients.

It’s time to Synchronize the Science and empower customers to benefit from HealthVerity’s unique ability to synchronize transformational technologies with the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem to power previously unattainable outcomes and to advance the science. We are the only company that has the ideal combination of mission critical software and data expertise to enable clients to get more out of the hundreds of millions of comprehensive patient journeys that we can deliver in a privacy-protected, HIPAA-compliant manner.

It’s also time to prove to our customers that Synced beats Linked. As such, we are pleased to introduce HealthVerity FLOW, our pharma-class SaaS solution that synchronizes unparalleled identity management with built-in privacy and data governance, allowing customers to discover and exchange a near limitless combination of healthcare and consumer data at a record pace. HealthVerity FLOW is designed to open new pathways to progress by integrating all of our core capabilities in a modular software architecture that is ideal for broadening data capture and performance for registries, clinical trials and commercial endeavors. Even more importantly, HealthVerity FLOW enables clients to comply with regulatory frameworks and to compliantly study comprehensive patient journeys throughout the therapeutic lifecycle. We are already seeing adoption by top pharma during pre-launch and believe that data-driven customers will quickly recognize the superiority of synchronization.

On behalf of all of HealthVerity, we are so excited by today’s announcement. We join our customers in agreeing that innovation is best achieved when you Sync Big. This is a powerful notion and one that will drive everything we will do in the years ahead.

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