About Veradigm

Veradigm’s unique, real-world clinical data assets combined with industry-leading research team deliver rich, deep data, innovative research, and actionable real-world evidence solutions. Veradigm’s expertise combined with their linked data assets and point-of-care platforms drive new, innovative solutions for their clients.

How we work together

Veradigm works with HealthVerity to offer data-driven actionable insights from best-in-class analytics and integrated patient data solutions. Veradigm can work across the breadth of data assets from HealthVerity Marketplace, in addition to privacy-compliant client data, to uncover unique insights across comprehensive patient journeys. Veradigm has successfully partnered with HealthVerity on projects for leading pharma, biotech and health insurance companies.


“We recognize that linked data from different sources creates a more complete view of the patient journey, but the linking process is resource-intensive and protecting privacy is of utmost importance. By working with HealthVerity and other leading RWD suppliers, we can provide privacy-protected, turnkey, linked data solutions that solve intractable problems.”

– Tom Langan, CEO of Veradigm

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