More complex therapies require more comprehensive patient data

The life sciences industry faces increasing headwinds in justifying the cost-effectiveness, outcomes, safety, and value of complex, high-impact treatments. Closed claims from payers have long been ideal for these studies, but with data sources becoming increasingly unstable and less fit for purpose, legacy solutions are no longer sufficient. Researchers need to evolve beyond closed claims datasets offering limited sources that do not adequately represent commercial, Medicare and Medicaid, or that cannot be seamlessly integrated with additional data types, such as lab results and electronic medical records. Introducing HealthVerity taXonomy the only solution that overcomes these challenges with the most comprehensive, consistent and curated clinical dataset. HealthVerity taXonomy is an easy-to-use dataset specifically designed to power health economics, outcomes and real-world safety research.

Explore nearly 2x more covered lives

Unlike legacy datasets that may only represent a single payer or one payer type, HealthVerity taXonomy provides over 245 million patient journeys from more than 225 payers, representing commercial, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as race and improved standardized costs mapped to procedures. This expansive dataset has up to eight years of continuous coverage, inclusive of all age groups, races and geographies, and a superior volume of rare and orphan diseases compared to legacy solutions.

Manage data discontinuity

HealthVerity taXonomy is built for the long-term with a matrix approach to data providers that maximizes data breadth and stability while minimizing data disruption. HealthVerity has lasting relationships with all of the data providers in the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem that leads to a seamless data experience for its clients. The open HealthVerity data ecosystem continually supports new payers and fully interoperable data types, such as electronic medical records and lab results, ensuring that HealthVerity taXonomy can solve for the most challenging of research questions in the most consistent, well characterized and highly relevant manner.

Highly-curated and research-ready from day one

Accelerate your research with a newly streamlined and industry-leading data model with all data attributes being fully synchronized and HIPAA-certified, making HealthVerity taXonomy research-ready from day one. The HIPAA certification also covers any future payer and data type additions from HealthVerity, ensuring continued compliance with privacy regulations while avoiding lengthy privacy delays in gaining access to new patient insights. With the HealthVerity taXonomy curation process, researchers benefit from organized, well-structured, de-duplicated patient encounters, reducing data management time and complexity.

Lay claim to more comprehensive, consistent, curated data


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HealthVerity introduces taXonomy, the nation's most comprehensive closed claims dataset for pharmaceutical research

Announcing the release of HealthVerity taXonomy, the nation’s most comprehensive, highly-curated and research-ready closed claims dataset. This next-generation solution addresses the challenges facing the industry with evolving and unstable access to HIPAA-compliant patient data that is critical to justifying the cost, efficacy and safety of increasingly complex treatments.

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Introducing HealthVerity taXonomy: Claim better outcomes

We recently introduced HealthVerity taXonomy, the nation’s most comprehensive, consistent and curated closed claims dataset. Watch our webinar where we reveal the exciting details of this next-generation data solution that breaks from legacy solutions that rely on a narrow mix of payers and payer types.