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About Aetion

Aetion powers health care’s most critical decisions: what works best, for whom, and when. Its software, Aetion Evidence Platform®, analyzes real-world data to produce transparent, rapid, and scientifically validated answers on the safety, effectiveness, and value of medical treatments and technologies. Global life sciences companies, payers, and leading regulatory and health technology assessment bodies use Aetion Evidence Platform to guide product development and commercialization, advance payment innovation, and inform health policy and industry guidance. A deep scientific bench—with data scientists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and regulatory and public health experts—provides an ecosystem of support for real-world evidence generation, including protocol development, regulatory counsel, publication strategy, and the nuances of real-world data.

How we work together

Aetion and HealthVerity collaborate to provide seamless regulatory-grade advance analytics using Aetion Evidence Platform powered by HealthVerity’s data sources. In a joint go-to-market, the teams co-created a real-world evidence system, real-time insights and evidence, that continues support the assessment of COVID-19 treatments by top manufacturers and regulators. Researchers, regulators, and manufacturers find value in engaging both companies for top quality real world evidence generation.


“Our offerings use HealthVerity’s comprehensive, real-time data to obtain decision-ready insights that can help meet the need for accelerated approvals and access, while maintaining our high bar for evidence to support critical safety and effectiveness determinations.”

– Carolyn Magill, CEO of Aetion

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