Value-based agreements

Model, manage and maximize Payer contracts that expand your franchise.

The next wave of value-based agreements will expand access to new therapies, support the drive from volume to value and serve as a catalyst for healthcare contracting. HealthVerity is enabling both manufacturers and payers to achieve these results by capturing and monitoring outcomes in real-time through a private, collaborative environment.

Through trust and transparency, payers and manufacturers can drive better outcomes, achieve patient adherence and boost economic returns in a VBA 2.0 world.

Real-time VBA monitoring.

Unlike current contracts that offer limited visibility to outcomes prior to the arrival of a Payer invoice, HealthVerity delivers a dashboard that grants instant access to patient engagement, target measurement and contract metrics throughout the contract period.

Gain insights earlier than ever before and apply lessons learned to future agreements.

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Enable impactful value-based agreements

Step 1

Tokenize each patient with a unique HealthVerity ID for one accurate view of the patient across disparate data sources.

Step 2

Forge interoperability between your data and third party data from over 75 healthcare and consumer sources in HealthVerity Marketplace.

Step 3

Create a private data store for assembled patient population and provide secure access to VBA partners.

Step 4

Leverage real-time monitoring on the assembled patient population through distributed ledger technology.

Leverage the power of a collaborative data environment accessible by only approved VBA parties.

  • Build mirror patient journeys by synthesizing interoperable healthcare data on 330 million patients across 75 data sources.
  • Utilize cohort analysis to predict patient therapy outcomes and inform payer contract strategies.
  • Integrate payer data and third party data in a shared, HIPAA-compliant environment to build trust and transparency during contract adjudication.
  • Monitor patient enrollment and contract metrics through an intuitive management dashboard.


Trust and transparency to assess the comprehensive patient journey to drug performance.

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