HealthVerity Cipher

Reveal uncharted patient attributes

Link social determinants of health with traditional healthcare data.

Traditional research within healthcare data has been hindered by the inability to fully understand the demographic factors behind patients.

With HealthVerity Cipher, you can now virtually intersect attributes such as spending habits, income and hobbies with healthcare data in a privacy compliant manner to reveal hidden consumer segmentations and key drivers of patient behavior and adherence.

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Uncover a more robust patient profile.

Illustrated HealthVerity Cipher flow chart

HealthVerity Cipher is a privacy-preserving analytics platform that enables the linking of commercial and healthcare data sources in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

With the ability to link social determinants and traditional healthcare data, you can now reveal hidden consumer segmentations and solve for gaps in the patient journey.

Illustrated HealthVerity Cipher flow chart
Illustrated HealthVerity Cipher flow chart
  • Spending habits
  • Income & education
  • Store preferences
  • Lifestyle & hobbies

HealthVerity Cipher is fully HIPAA-compliant.

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Build decision trees and summary tables directly from your laptop to better understand which consumer attributes are most prevalent.

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Develop proven responses to unanswered questions surrounding patient actions & outcomes.


Unlock social determinants for actionable data insights.

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