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Real-time matching and identity resolution technology for the enterprise.

Illustrated HealthVerity Census de-identified patient journey

Resolve patient identity on-demand by seamlessly mastering and linking data in real-time.

By transforming protected health information into universal, de-identified HealthVerity IDs, life sciences organizations can accurately build and share the patient journey across partner datasets, while creating a single source of truth for patient identity.

Patient identity resolution when accuracy matters

Establish unique, but persistent identities to resolve patient fragmentation and decrease the noise of healthcare data with the most accurate, de-identification and matching solution in the market.

Link and match records with 10x greater accuracy while managing identity centrally.

  • Assign each individual with a unique and persistent HealthVerity ID that remains consistent across disparate data sources.
  • Forge interoperability between your data and over 150 billion de-identified transactions and 330 million patients within the HealthVerity data ecosystem.
  • Enable internal enterprise data share to better understand the patient journey across organizational departments.
  • Create the flexibility for external data exchange with patient registries, health insurers and other companion companies.
HealthVerity Census dataset diagram

De-identify, match and link 100,000 records per second with HealthVerity Census

Build your enterprise-wide data strategy.

HealthVerity Census is the first step in driving a data strategy built upon data activation, data interoperability and patient longitudinality. It leverages a state-of-the-art PaaS de-identification solution to activate internal and external touch points and data isolated in silos across the enterprise.

Illustrated HealthVerity Census de-identification solution diagram
Illustrated HealthVerity Census de-identification solution diagram

The challenges of handling PII in a regulated environment.

How HealthVerity Census helps solve for data security, data matching and data interoperability.

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HealthVerity Census in action.

Now available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, organizations have the ability to manage and maintain patient databases in real-time for evolving use cases.

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Linking internal + third party data

A top 20 pharma company wants to better understand the comorbidities and other factors for heart failure patients currently on its branded ACE inhibitor.

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Real-time patient mastering

A national EHR company requires a single source of truth for patient identity in a high-governance manner across the network.

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Specialty pharmacy linkage

A top 20 biotech company with specialty therapies on the market must identify where patients are in their journey to treatment in order to provide the right support services and improve access.

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Patient identity resolution with 10x the accuracy.

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